Treatment Philosophy – Dr. Rahul Mathur

“I am very passionate about my work as a clinician. I am respectful of patients views, and try to make them feel listened to and understood, and work collaboratively with them and help them to achieve their goals. I have a warm empathic approach and work towards building a trusting relationship because I know how difficult it is for people to ask for help. I continue to try to improve patient experience of consultation and treatment by providing them with a pleasant relaxing environment for consultations. I consider confidentiality to be of utmost importance.

I give importance to collecting relevant information and using my specialist diagnostic skills to understand your problem, and explaining your symptoms in a way that you can understand I have a holistic approach, and will consider a variety of treatments, including psychological treatment and medication and see which treatments will help you most.

I regularly update my knowledge about new treatments and research, and use evidence based treatments to optimise your health, and help you to recover.

If you would like to see how I may be able to help with your situation please feel free to call my team who will be happy to talk through the next steps.” Dr. Rahul Mathur

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