Sleep Disorders

June 12, 2024

Can Stress Cause Migraines?

What is Stress? Stress is a feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. It happens when we face challenges or […]
May 16, 2024

Sleep Disorders in Children, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

What are Sleep Disorders in Children? Sleep disorders in children are problems that affect how they sleep. These can include trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or […]
May 8, 2024

Is a Sleep Disorder a Mental Illness?

What is Sleep Disorder? A sleep disorder is when something interrupts your normal sleep patterns, making it hard for you to sleep well. This interruption can […]
May 2, 2024

What are Sleep Disorders?, Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Sleep is essential for overall well-being and health. It rejuvenates our bodies, enhances cognitive functions, and regulates mood. However, for some individuals, achieving quality sleep can […]
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