How to effectively deal with a Break up

Depression Treatment in Indore
February 19, 2019
8 Tips To Tackle ADHD In Kids!
February 20, 2019

Wondering how to get over your ex?Relationship breakups with your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ spouse are hard to deal with. Depression and anxiety are known sequelae. It is better to take help for it. Yes help is available at Anand Neuropsychiaty Clinic which can help you deal with this tough phase of your life effectively. Some might benefit with just counselling while some may require medications. Most important is the reassurance that this tough phase and stress is temporary and it will get over. Dr. Rahul Mathur consultant psychiatrist at Anand Neuropsychiaty Clinic is an empathetic and young psychiatrist in Indore who has the experience of treating such problems successfully. Do not hesitate to take help. We are just a phone call away.

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