Symposium on Sexual Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders
April 2, 2019
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May 19, 2019

Sexology is seen as a sub-speciality in Psychiatry. With the rising stress levels in the past few decades we have seen an exemplary rise in the incidence of sexual dysfunction in the general population. This also accounts for the rise of quacks practicing sexology, falsely calling themselves as sexologist in Indore and earning huge amounts by fooling people. With the outset to increase awareness and further sharpen our knowledge in the field of sexology, Department of psychiatry MGM Medical college organised a symposium on “Sexual Disorders: approach and management” at Mental Hospital, Indore in which Dr. Rahul Mathur, Assistant professor of psychiatry, MGM Medical College, indore participated as the co-organising secretary. Key note lecture was delivered by Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav, honorary national president of the Indian Psychiatric Society, who spoke on the approach and treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Dr. Vijay Niranjan, Dr. Ramghulam Razdan, Dr. Ujwal Sardesai and Dr. Sandeep Julka were the speakers in their respective sessions. Symposium was attended by almost all psychiatrists of indore. Dr. Pawan Rathi Psychiatrist SAIIMS Medical College Indore, Dr. Raman Sharma Psychiatrist Medanta Hospital, Indore and Dr. Ashutosh Singh Psychiatrist Apollo hospital, Indore chaired the sessions. It was summarised that treatment of sexual dysfunction can be tricky in males as well as in females. A holistic management is required for proper treatment of the illness. This may include endocrine system evaluation also. Treatment process should involve both partners. Further discussions were held on the newer drugs and newer modalities of treatment. A Post Graduate Trainee Quiz was also conducted by Dr. Rahul Mathur and Dr. Krishna Mishra in which 4 teams of post graduate trainees from 4 different mefical college from across the state of M.P. took part. We hope that this paves way for strengthening our knowledge and our outset about sexual wellness.

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