Alcohol And Drug Deaddiction

Alcohol addiction is also known as alcoholism, it is the habit of consecutively drinking disregarding the health status of your body, consumption of toxic substances or other harmful substances such as drugs can lead to the worse for your health and can cause severe problems that can turn into fatal diseases hampering your life and the people connected to you.

Most people think that it is not a real problem and cannot be termed as an active disease but it has been proved in many studies that alcohol addiction is a neurochemical illness. There are areas of the brain where abnormalities have been linked to alcohol addiction. It is and should be seen as a disease that can be cured through proper treatment.

Alcohol And Drug Deaddiction, Causes, Avoid - Indore Psychiatric CentreWhat are The Diseases Caused by Alcohol and Drug?

If you consume alcohol and other toxic substances such as drugs then it can turn out to be the source of almost all kinds of diseases, here are some of the major problems that are caused by drinking alcohol and taking drugs:

  1. Ulcers
  2. Vision-related problems.
  3. Weak immune system.
  4. Diabetes.
  5. Decrease in bone density.
  6. Major Liver diseases.
  7. Liver failure.

These were some of the major diseases that can be the aftermath of excessive alcohol drinking.

How  Can You Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

There are scientifically proven methods by which you can overcome the addiction to alcohol and drugs and can cure alcoholism. But these methods of addiction can be a lot challenging and difficult to cope with. Here are some of the easiest ways to cure addiction to alcohol and drugs:

  1. Alcohol/Drug Detoxification (Detox): This is the first step of treatment where through intravenous medications and fluids, the body is made free of alcohol/drug. This takes 5-7 days where the body and mind go through multiple withdrawal symptoms. Most of the time withdrawal symptoms may include hand tremors, restlessness, insomnia, craving and at times even seizures. Hence admission in a hospital for a few days may be warranted.
  2. Alcohol/Drug Deaddiction: In this, you would need to go through drug de-addiction therapy. Moreover, after a steady recovery, you will be able to lose your drug addiction in a span of 6 to 8 months.
  3. Rehabilitation treatment (rehab facilities): Despite all treatment, there are times where the addicted person because of the effect of drugs or alcohol on his mind and body refuses to quit the substance and refuses the treatment. Also, there are times when a person although dedicatedly wanting to quit is unable to do so because of craving. This is where rehab center treatment comes in handy and gives the aggrieved a controlled environment where he can kick start his life to a new beginning. This is one of the most underrated ways to lose alcohol and drug addiction but the most effective one among all
  4. Counseling from your doctor: Go for counseling sessions with specialists or rehabilitation coaches to change your mindset about alcohol and drugs.


Dr. Rahul Mathur
Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

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